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Why Us?

Boxie - A unique monthly subscription box containing a variety of full size makeup, beauty and lifestyle products.

Here at Boxie we believe we have solved the majority of parents' problems. 

Teenage girls can without a doubt drive you insane when it comes to make-up! 

Plus it also has the possibility of severely denting your bank account! 

Having a teenage daughter, we can completely sympathise, and this is where the idea of "Boxie" came up. 

You get at least NINE items, that are also FULL SIZE. None of this sample malarkey - if you get a few samples, they are in addition to the NINE, not instead of!

We carefully source, select and try out all of our products before we create your boxes. 

From established, international brands to smaller UK based businesses. 

Some of our wonderful partners have won prestigious awards from:

Jacqueline Gold - the CEO of Ann Summers

So if you want an multiple award winning gift box for your teen or infact yourself, then click below.

Oh... almost forgot to mention. We are award winners too!

Here are our two awards that we won in our first week!